Welcome to the Norwalk Land Trust website.  We acquire land and preserve it in its natural state for the benefit of Norwalk, CT residents, now and forever. We currently steward or take care of 27 parcels of land, about 89 acres.

Preserving land provides many benefits for everyone:

  • Homes for wildlife
  • Natural water filtration – cleaner air, cleaner water, erosion mitigation
  • Native plant growth and food creation for wildlife- birds, butterflies, bees
  • A place to learn about nature – outdoor classroom for youngsters, a walk in the woods for adults
  • Tree diversity – moderates climate, reduces water runoff, converts pollutants


What Is Going On With Norwalk Land Trust

4th Graders are booked through early June to visit Farm Creek for a fun field trip.  Thank you to the wonderful teachers we work with.  We have had all 12 elementary schools visit Farm Creek this spring.  Our volunteer guide staff has done a wonderful job, as have our 3 high school interns.  Thank you one and all!

Farm Creek Security

We encourage young adults and others to stay away from Farm Creek and the Hart Peninsula and all along Sammis Street this summer at night.  Beefed up security and enforcement of our rules will try to keep party-goers from ruining the tranquility of our important tidal estuary. Video surveillance, increased police presence will be used.



Spring is our annual membership season.  Won’t you join us in preserving open space in Norwalk?

What Is A Land Trust?

The term Land Trust is not always understood.  Click here for a long definition….but if you don’t click there,  here is a short one:  “Think of us as a local version of The Nature Conservancy.”  Peggy Holton, VP, Norwalk Land Trust