Outdoor Classroom for 4th Graders

eduprogramshsOur 16-acre property at Farm Creek provides a perfect location for a class trip.  The 4th grade science curriculum includes many concepts that can be explored and seen first-hand here. Since 2009 we have provided a class presentation and field trip to 4th graders from Norwalk Public Schools.  A trained volunteer field guide takes children in groups of 6 on a 1 hour walk exploring wetlands, highlands and open meadows.

This program and bus transportation are free; and can be modified to any age group.

The program can be modified for middle school and high school classes.


Teachers:  For information and scheduling your class, contact Tammis Lazarus at tammislaz@gmail.com.

For Field Guides:  Check here for your schedule.



Below are photos of some of the amazing creatures and fauna children can experience within our programs and in the outdoor classroom:

Farm Creek Animals and Insects
Many animals are on a migration path so can be seen only twice a year.

Farm Creek Marine Animals
Sea creatures are hard to see unless they crawl upon the shore, or leave their shells behind.

Farm Creek Plants
Some of the many plant species in the Farm Creek Preserve can only be seen at certain times of the year.